Railcar Services

SISSCO offers field service support for a variety of railroad maintenance equipment which allows our customers to feel confident that their equipment is in safe and reliable condition.  With our experienced and knowledgeable staff of technicians and project managers, we can quickly handle all our customer service needs.

Railcar Equipment Serviced

Inspection Services

SISSCO offers complete visual and operational inspection services.  Our technicians use a detailed inspection checklist during their inspection which will be made available to the customer after the inspection is complete.  A full summary of findings is then presented to our site contact to discuss the repairs that are necessary to keep the equipment safe and operational.

Periodic Maintenance Services

To achieve safe and reliable railcar maintenance equipment, frequent to periodic maintenance services should be implemented.  SISSCO’s Field Operations team will work with the customers onsite personnel to design program that suits the needs of the customer operation.  This periodic maintenance service is typically tied to our Inspection Service which enables us to limit the downtime of the equipment and keep up with the lubrication and maintenance services the equipment requires.

Emergency Services

SISSCO 24/7 Field Service Operation allows us to quickly react to our customers emergency service needs.  With an on-call Field Service Operations team member always in place, our customer will always be able to reach us to start the planning process of getting out to troubleshoot the equipment.

Modernizations and Upgrades

As control technology continues to advance, SISSCO’s Control and Automation Division provides custom solutions for upgrading all railcar maintenance equipment.  These upgrades are valuable as they can extend the life of the equipment and significantly reduce maintenance costs.

Inspection and Maintenance Contracts

SISSCO recommends to our customers, especially those customers with multiple pieces of equipment, to consider multi-year contracts to inspect and perform preventive maintenance.  We find that being able to customize a scope of work based off the utilization of the equipment in our customers shop, allows our customers to see long term cost savings.


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