& Installations

SISSCO’s Mechanical / Electrical Contracting Division focuses on large scale modernizations and installations of material handling equipment. While the main focus is on Overhead Cranes, this division expands outside of that industry to provide the same service to Railcar Maintenance Equipment, Bus Maintenance Equipment, and much more.


SISSCO’s specializes in mechanical and electrical modernizations of material handling equipment which is backed by our experienced engineering department. Whether its keeping up with current technology, improving your equipment's performance, or prolonging the service life of your equipment, SISSCO can determine the right modernization scope to meet your requirements.

Typical Modernizations Types


Our experienced installation crews can handle various types of installations for material handling equipment. With coordination from our Project Management team, we offer turn key installations with seamless integration into your facility or project.

Equipment installations Types

Union Installations

Project Labor Agreements (PLA’s) are very common in most major cities which require General Contractors or End Users to utilize local Union Labor. SISSCO’s relationships with these Union Organizations allow us to complete these installations EFFICIENTLY and successfully while maintaining a SISSCO experienced supervisor onsite from start to finish.

Overhead Crane Relocation

Moving to a new facility? Let us move your overhead cranes. SISSCO will send a Installation Representative to each facility to determine what needs to be completed to remove the equipment, modify the equipment if needed, and install in your new facility.

Certified Load Testing

From 1/2 Ton capacity to over 100 Ton capacity, SISSCO’s load testing procedures complies with OSHA 1910.179 or any applicable ANSI B.30 load testing requirements.

Additional benefits when using SISSCO

  • Turn Key:

    Let SISSCO take control of the entire project. Engineering, Project Management, Electrical and Mechanical Work, to Startup and Training. One contractor for the entire project eliminates unexpected delays and mistakes.

  • Safety:

    All SISSCO personnel are properly trained for compliance with all local and federal safety regulations. While onsite all SISSCO personnel will utilize there training and experience to ensure that the job is completed safely.

  • Project Management:

    With a dedicated Project Manager for every project, customers get as much support as they require from Day 1 to completion. Construction Plans to Safe Working Plans to Lifting Plans, these individuals are there to support whatever is needed for the project.

  • Engineering:

    All modernizations and installations are backed by our experienced engineering staff. These individuals will be involved from the initial design all the way thru implementation.